Toolz for Tough Conversations

Toolz for Tough Conversations is a professional development workshop that prepares individuals, organizations and communities for difficult conversations of all sizes and topics. We’re teaching people across North America how to use IMTD’s inclusive engagement approach and the conflict de-escalation and civil discourse tools to implement it successfully.  Participants will apply tools to local issues and upon completion will be able to:

  • Identify conflict escalation patterns and how larger systems and issues may impact escalation.
  • Apply conflict de-escalation skills in a variety of settings with increased confidence and competence.
  • Select from and use a variety of practical tools to help individuals, groups and communities see past biased and conditioned views that may be limiting progress on difficult issues.

Throughout IMTD’s 25th anniversary year, we’ll gather your Toolz stories and share ideas on how to contribute to a more just and stable peace in all of our communities. IMTD is partnering with Founder and Director of the Toolz  workshop series Mary Dumas, Dumas & Associates, Inc.  to deliver trainings tailored to communities and organizations.

Interested in hosting a professional development program for your organization or community?

Contact: Mary Dumas, Program Director.                                    .