The Peace Book: 108 Simple Ways to Create a More Peaceful World

By Louise Diamond, Ph.D., Conari Press

You are invited to join The Great Peace Give-Away, and give people what they truly hunger for–the gift of peace. We all want more peace in our lives and in the world. More inner peace. Less violence in our schools and streets. Greater civility in our communities. More peace in the troubled spots around the world. The Peace Book provides simple, everyday tools that can help us accomplish just that–one person, one action at a time. The long term goal is to replace our current culture of violence with a true culture of peace.

1% is the magic number. With 3 million books in circulation by 2004 (1% of the U.S. population), we can affect a critical mass shift in our society, and make peace the way we live.

In January 2000, Louise Diamond, CEO of Peace Tech, had a sudden realization. The people attending her talks about peacemaking would not have come ten years before. She understood that, as in the early days of the environmental movement, people are waking up in ever-growing numbers to a major issue in society, and asking, "What can I do?" In that moment, the idea of The Great Peace Giveaway was born, based on a simple concept that the power for change is in our networks.

Think of your personal networks: Family and friends, faith community, social groups. Think of your community networks: Schools, hospitals, prisons, youth and senior centers, local government agencies, civic and community organizations, colleges and universities. Think of your business or organizational networks: Employees or members, customers or clients, vendors, shareholders, Board of Directors, professional associations, the communities in which you operate.

Now imagine sharing this gift of peace along with your networks. Watch the gift grow and spread, as those who receive it in turn pass it along their networks.

The Peace Books are not for sale; they are for giving away. Direct costs ($3/book) will be underwritten by sponsors like you, who will want to make a difference. A Peace Dividend–1% of all sponsorship fees–will be donated to non-profit programs working for a culture of peace.

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