Ambassador McDonald: Instrumental in spearheading the International Day of Peace



Ambassador McDonald was instrumental in spearheading the effort for the International Day of Peace to be recognized by the U.N.


Put your ego behind you, not in front of you. – John W. McDonald


U.S. Ambassador (ret.) John W. McDonald is a lawyer, diplomat, former international civil servant, development expert and peacebuilder. Throughout his career, Ambassador McDonald has been addressing social, economic, and ethnic problems on a global scale. Spending twenty years of his diplomatic career in Western Europe and sixteen years in the Middle East as the United States delegate for the United Nations economic and social affairs, Ambassador McDonald was instrumental in spearheading the effort for the International Day of Peace to be recognized by the U.N.

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Peacebuilding Clinic

Ambassador John W. McDonald Peacebuilding Clinic

Clinical Education

In Spring 2016, with the initiative of Executive Director Adam Zemans, the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD) launched the Ambassador John W. McDonald Peacebuilding Clinic, a cutting-edge clinical model for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CAR), named for CEO and retired Ambassador John W. McDonald’s legacy. The Clinic’s mission is to teach peacebuilding in a way that provides a holistic bridge between the theory and practice of conflict resolution work. Based off of best practices in clinical education in the legal, medical, and social work fields, the Clinic convenes graduate students, professors, NGO practitioners, and funders in order to promote more effective and efficient conflict prevention and transformation.

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Job Opportunities

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD) offers undergraduate and advanced degree students as well as mid-level professionals a variety of experience in the world of diplomacy, peacebuilding, and conflict analysis and resolution. Interns have myriad opportunities that may include co-production of publications, conference presentations, acting as an organizational representative, and launching new programs and maintaining current ones. As IMTD is a nonprofit, our resources are limited however our creativity is not. Interns are given a high degree of independence and a license to be innovative in which individuals can accomplish much and distinguish themselves. As we are education-focused, stewardship of our interns is central to our mission. Instead of fetching coffee, making copies, or other menial tasks, IMTD interns will take part in a team tasked with running the organization. Senior, long-term interns are Program Managers who in turn guide Program Officers. Together, they participate in a host of experiential education and professional development opportunities.


Primary focus

After the formal launch of the John W. McDonald Peacebuilding Clinic in the spring of 2016, we are seeking recruits across disciplines according to specialization. This program facilitates team projects based on a law school clinic model. The work is client-focused and praxis-based. We adapt theory to practice, which promotes a holistic learning process and allows for growth in our clients and ourselves. Team members run their projects collaboratively and typically choose a primary focus of one of the following:

   1) Research

   2) Evaluation

   3) Grant Writing and Program Development

   4) Organizational Diplomacy or Stakeholder Work

Clients are treated as full colleagues in the process and they learn along with us in a "developmental evaluation" style of organizational partnership as we are often working with them from our Washington, D.C. area location while they are overseas.



Please be aware, all internship roles are volunteer-based. For fall 2016, we are searching for highly qualified candidates to fill the following internship positions:

Publications and Social Media Editor (24 to 40 hours a week)

Data & IT Officer (8 to 16 hours a week)

Assistant to the Executive Director (16 to 32 hours a week)

Assistant to the Associate Director of Latin America (16 to 32 hours a week)

Personal Assistant to the Ambassador (16 to 24 hours a week)

Student Legal Adviser (10 to 20 hours a week)

Program Officers (16 to 40 hours a week)

English-Spanish Translator (16 to 40 hours a week)



We accept applications from students, recent graduates, and professionals looking for new opportunities in the peacebuilding field. While graduate students and those with professional experience are preferred, exceptional undergraduates are encouraged to apply. Our office is located in Arlington, Virginia, one block from the Rosslyn metro station. Internships are full-time or part-time, unpaid, and primarily on location in Arlington.  However, to take advantage of talent globally, IMTD may make flexible arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

Area of assignment and level of responsibility are matched to interns based on their knowledge, skill sets, commitment, as well as by their interests, values, and attitudes.  Interns report to a supervisor or mentor who is an expert in professional development and who can provide coaching as needed. IMTD has groomed many of its interns to go on to careers in the U.S. government, academia, and the nonprofit sector by providing strong recommendations and assistance navigating security clearance processes.



The application deadline for the Fall 2016 semester is August 20. Priority is given to applications received early. Late applications are usually not considered, however, exceptions are occasionally made on an individual basis.


How to apply

To Apply: Please note in the subject line your first initial and last name and the job title or titles for which you want to apply (example: J.Smith: Development Manager), and submit a cover letter in pdf or Word format (written signature not required) and resume or CV to 


More Information

For more information, please check out our postings on Idealist here.