Transitional Justice

machinegun-dovePhoto: Peace Dove Made of Kalashnikov Barrels

Most transitional justice programs are like most justice programs, two-sided. They search out victims and offenders and try to establish a degree of accountability between them.

IMTD, along with partners Mediators Beyond Borders and Sovereignty First, look at a broader picture, including victims, offenders, bystanders, and saviors. These are the common roles produced by any act of trauma, whether in a school shooting or a civil war. In a prolonged conflict most people will have played at least some, and maybe all of these roles at some point.

Often, overnight conflict roles become caricatures. Over years and then generations the roles become hardened divisions within societies and tend to replicate more violence.

Through a process of storytelling and response, focusing on the noted acts of brutality, IMTD and its partners can help generate a braided truth, elements of which are agreed upon by all participants. The better story will reflect the nuanced ethic of the complexity of the conflict.  The braided story humanizes both the “monsters” and the survivors. It engages the innocent. It honors the best efforts of true heroes without deifying them.

The braided story provides for accountability but allows for prosecution if necessary.

This transitional justice process can be used a local, city, regional, or national levels. It would be very useful after a school shooting or other similar community tragedy.

IMTD’s transitional justice work can be grant funded, but it can also be contracted on a fee for service basis. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Inclusive Nationalism Country Assessment


IMTD partners with Sovereignty First to offer Inclusive Nationalism Country Assessment (INCA) dialogue processes to clients worldwide. The INCA process assesses the strengths of a country and the challenges it faces and helps decision makers use that information to design internal strategies for growth. INCA is a wide spectrum dialogue process developed by Dr. Eric Wolterstorff to help actors at any level of social and political development secure their State's sovereignty, and to take control of their infrastructure, economic, and social development.



INCA principles are rooted in systemic trauma theory, family therapy, organizational development, and general peacebuilding theory. INCA's effect is to facilitate broad-scale systems change at accelerated rates.


Inclusive nationalism

Sovereignty First's idea of inclusive nationalism touches on the best of a country, the things its citizens love, and partners it with an “all in this together” spirit, so the country’s future development is not undermined by divided segments of the population. It is extremely useful in a post-conflict setting to sort out power struggles.



Although INCA was developed for use at the national level, the tool can be adapted and applied with equal expectations of success to provinces, cities, and small communities.

For instance

  • A city in crisis is experiencing serious unemployment, a declining tax base, rising crime rates, and crippling strain on social services. We can help the city develop step-by-step plans to restore quality of life and to attract new business.
  • A minority population is experiencing discrimination by the majority. The minority wants to declare independence. We can help increase their internal autonomy, build their economy, and develop strategies for improving their relations with neighbors to enhance the quality of life in their region whether or not they ever choose to seek independence.



IMTD partners with Sovereignty First in all INCA projects. The partnership allows us to bring depth of experience and insight to a variety of settings.


More information

INCA can be grant funded, but it can also be contracted on a fee-for-service basis. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Professional Development

Gain the IMTD Training Edge

  • Leading Expert Network
  • Personalization: The Participant-Centered Approach
  • Real World Application of Skills in trainings
  • Incorporation of cultural sensitivity and systems-based thinking in each course


IMTD draws upon a network of leading experts, built over the course of 20 years, to design and lead both professional development workshops and training programs. IMTD has both pre-scheduled workshops and trainings as well as the ability to work with individual clients in designing and implementing tailored programming that fits their needs and schedule.

The Professional Development Program is structured to ensure that participants will be able to apply new newfound knowledge and skills immediately to their professional and personal lives by learning through a variety of teaching techniques and analyzing real-world case studies. The IMTD expert networks also uses a participant-centered approach in the design of each training, taking into consideration the participants' fields of study, cultures, ages, genders, needs, and goals obtained through a careful research and evaluation process.

Courses and Workshops

With our team of instructors, we offer both pre-scheduled workshops and trainings as well as tailored programming that fits individual client's needs and schedule in the following areas:
  • Process Improvement
  • Organizational Behavior
  • HR Management
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Contract Mediation and Negotiation
  • Diplomatic Negotiation
  • Organizational Development
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Dialogue Facilitation

Mediation Services at IMTD

The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy offers mediation referral services that are available to individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses in the DC Region. IMTD's Mediation referral services offer several highly-qualified mediators with expertise in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury mediation
  • Insurance contract mediation
  • Domestic and International business contract mediation
  • Professional partnership dissolution
  • Victim-offender mediation
  • Church mediation
  • Landlord-Tenant mediation
  • Benefits of Mediation
  • Small claims
  • Parenting claims
  • Child Protection
  • Community Mediation
  • Employment
Mediation allows people to work out disputes instead of litigation or arbitration. One can schedule mediation when it is convenient and has the freedom to end the mediation at any point. Mediation allows one to address the issues that are important and gives parties the opportunity to develop an agreement that meets his or her needs.

Schedule Your Mediation

To schedule a mediation, or to obtain more information about our mediation referral services, please contact Adam Zemans at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


IMTD is proud to utilize the expertise of its leaders and staff to provide individuals, groups, organizations, and governments with tools to promote conflict resolution to meet their needs. In addition to the grant funded Programs, IMTD has special expertise in disciplines available on a fee for service basis.


The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy announces the launch of its new mediation services, which will be available to individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses in the DC Region.

Professional Development

IMTD draws upon a network of leading experts, built over the course of 20 years, to design and lead the professional training courses.

INCAA Process

The Inclusive-Nationalism Country Assessment and Action process (INCAA) is an inclusive approach to strategic planning and implementation for nation-building in distressed environments. It strengthens a state or region's ability to be self governing, to politically and economically stabilize, and to make development decisions in a systems wise manner.

Transitional Justice

We can help enemies learn to live together as neighbors.