Africa-Asia: Promoting Women’s Empowerment

IMTD promotes the empowerment of women towards leadership roles.  We document through film, women’s prior successes in overcoming structural challenges throughout Africa and Asia.  Through highlighting and exemplifying these role models, we seek to inspire others at the grassroots to lead.

We explore and promote the capacity of documentaries as both a peacebuilding and communicative tool.  And particularly their power in sharing stories among women of their peers who have broken through barriers – to become agents of change and leadership in their own African and Asian communities.

Through engaging these communities as a whole to promote the process of film-making as a motivational technique for self improvement, we explore the potential of this participatory research technique upon developing societies.

By providing hope and instilling motivation in women to follow successful female role models from Kenya to Nepal, our ultimate goal is to promote gender equality and redress imbalances throughout both continents.

Contact: Kuldeep Niraula, Team Lead.