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Dr. Avi Moses-Carmel, an Israeli and US citizen, has agreed to be Chairman and CEO of a new Israeli NGO to be located in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has a law degree and a PhD in Conflict Resolution, and is very dedicated to building a more peaceful Israel and a more peaceful region.

The Israeli government will not allow new International NGOs to be launched, so this will be an entirely Israeli enterprise. However, IMTD-East will be following IMTD principles and IMTD staff will be available to provide advice and assistance as required.

Late November 2012, the Ministry of Justice approved the creation of IMTD-East. In early February, Dr. Brian Polkinghorn, President of IMTD, Skyped with Dr. Avi and a dozen of his friends and associates for their first discussion of how to establish IMTD-East.

In mid-February 2013, IMTD-East held its first workshop to discuss IMTD principles. A few days later it held its first workshop for 30 participants. Susan Maishlish has just been appointed Managing Director. She has had a very distinguished career in conflict resolution and will be in charge when Dr. Avi is not in town.

A Board is being created and will eventually consist of Israeli Jews, Muslims, and Christians. They are actively seeking office space and funding, but are now officially launched in Tel Aviv.

Our congratulations to Dr. Carmel for his great efforts in making this possible. Let us wish him good fortune!