The Louise Diamond Committee to Protect Next Generations

    To honor the memory of Dr. Louise Diamond, co-founder of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, this Committee has been established in Bristol, Vermont where she was a resident.  Its focus is the impacts of global warming on the State’s fragile ecosystem and how to encourage Vermonters to reduce energy use by investing in energy efficiency retrofits using aggressive State-funded incentives.

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    IMTD Launches John W. McDonald Peacebuilding Clinic

    IMTD is formally launching the John W. McDonald Peacebuilding Clinic as well as the Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Clinic within it and moving toward recruiting interns by specializations after a successful "soft" launch based on new programs this Spring, with budding partnerships in Kenya and Bolivia and research initiatives related to Syria and Iraq, among others.

    Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD) offers interns a variety of levels and types of experience in the worlds of multi-track diplomacy, peacebuilding and conflict analysis and resolution. If you are prepared to seize opportunities, interns have options that include co-publishing, presenting at conferences, acting as organizational representatives and helping launch and grow programs. What you accomplish at IMTD depends on what you put in. We are not a big budget organization. However, we believe stewardship of our interns is central to our mission. You will not be asked to serve paid staff coffee at IMTD. Rather your team will be tasked with running the show. Senior, long-term interns are Program Managers who in turn guide Program Officers. And there are a host of professional development experiential education opportunities.

    Clinical program work is done in teams, based on a law school clinic model. That is to say, the work is client-focused and praxis-based. We mix experiential and intellectual learning in a variety of ways in order to promote holistic learning and growth in our clients and ourselves. Team members run their projects together and normally choose a primary focus of one of the following: 1) research; 2) evaluation; 3) grant writing and program development; or 4) organizational diplomacy/stakeholder work. 
    Our clients are treated as full partners and they learn "side-by-side" with us in a "developmental evaluation" style of organizaitonal partnership, even as we are often an ocean or two away. 

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    Top News can also be Good News

    I am tired of only reading about bad news and want to share some good news stories if reported are quickly overshadowed by bad news. I am an optimist, I am a doer, and I like news that give me hope, that make me smile, that show me that, yes, our world has many challenges, BUT there are a lot of positive things happening that could well contribute to some improvement around our globe.

    Here are a few news stories which, in my opinion, contain worthy positive aspect and which can lead to a more peaceful future for individuals or even for our globe.

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    Congratulations to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet!

    We are so proud of the members of the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015. In the wake of the Jasmine Revolution in 2011, leaders of four different organizations, part of civil society, established in the summer of 2013 a peaceful political process that saved the country from further social unrest and the outbreak of a civil war. These leaders formed the National Dialogue Quartet and worked for months relentlessly, to establish a constitutional system of government guaranteeing fundamental rights for all its citizens.

    This is exactly what IMTD believes in and how multi-track diplomacy should work - a groundbreaking systems approach to peacebuilding, adaptable in all regions of our globe that are challenged by violent conflicts and where the citizens want a sustainable peace.

    John W. McDonald, Ambassador, (ret).
    Chairman and CEO of the Institute of Multi-Track Diplomacy

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