“T-Bailo Titicaca” Break Dance Competition Seeks to Raise Awareness and Prevent Pollution of Lake Environment


The Minister of Environment and Water, Alexandra Moreira, presented today the first Break Dance competition called “T-Bailo Titicaca”, that will occur between 29 and 30 of October at the Yellow and Green stations of the Teleférico, the aerial transit cable system between La Paz and El Alto, to raise awareness and prevent contamination of the lake, located 70 kilometers from the city of La Paz.

“I need you all to help me in rescue Lake Titicaca, you all as young people, as a new and fresh culture, as people important to the environment, we ask you to help us (…) we are in a battle against contamination, in order to preserve and conserve Lake Titicaca’” she urged.


In a ceremony held at the Small Palace of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a group of young people and kids from the Break Dance and Hip Hop community of La Paz and El Alto demonstrated their artistic abilities and physical agility to raise awareness to the population with a scene that showed that the “indiscriminate” garbage waste pollutes Lake Titicaca.

“Thank you for saying yes to Lake Titicaca, the spot is the community of Break Dance, the work they do, the will, and the effort they have to withdraw from alcohol, the streets, the drugs, all the efforts made, today we value it” said Moreira.

Meanwhile, the representative of the artists, Rodrigo Salvador, urged the young people and the population to join the cause and participate in the contest.

“Thanks to the Minister of the Environment making our art visible with a focus on the environment, we all feel committed from the bottom of our hearts as La Paz people to our sacred Lake Titicaca” he remarked.

He said that the young people, through their art, will raise awareness and sensitize the population to achieve a “change” of attitude of behavior and bad habits that pollute the lake.

According to institutional sources, registration will be made through the website: www.mmaya.gob.bo and on the day of the competition it is expected to reach the international juries country.

The contest and the awards for first place are in these categories: “Breaking” with 1,500 Bolivians, “Crew” with 5,00 Bolivians, “Poppingi” with 1,500 Bolivians, “Hip hop free style” with 3,000 Bolivians and “Funk style” with 1,500 Bolivians.