Program Managers


Spring 2016

Dr. Mary (Regina) Vayaliparampil - Program Manager, Nepal

Regina is involved in designing projects that help sustain peace in Nepal through the involvement of the various stakeholders of Nepalese society. Training in Nonpartisan Reporting, Teachers for Nepal and Employment Opportunities Development are some of the projects being developed by me for Nepal. Mary is has a dual-title PhD in education policy and international education at Pennsylvania State University. Her dissertation is on "Stakeholder Perceptions of the Education for All Campaign Effectiveness in Increasing School Enrollment in India". During this period she has also had the opportunity to intern with UNICEF and examine the School Water and Sanitation towards Health and Hygiene intervention in Jharkhand, India. Prior to moving to the US she worked as a Math and Science teacher, English language tutor and program coordinator in the United Arab Emirates and India. Regina has also completed graduate studies in Educational Leadership from the University of Oregon and has an undergraduate degree in Physics from Goa University, India.


In the picture, starting from left upper line. Helen Thompson, Kiran Marfatia, Edoardo Severoni, Philip Yang, Rajit Das, Thomas Rogers, Chimalang Ngu, Sabrina Barton. Adam Zemans; Ambassador (ret.) John W. McDonald; Chairman and CEO Karen Dickman, Vice President.