In 2007, IMTD consultant Noa Davenport traveled to Rostov to do conflict resolution and peer mediation training with over 100 teachers from Chechnya and Rostov at a conference organized by Women of the Don.

In February 2007, IMTD had the pleasure of welcoming five guests from the union, “Women of the Don,” based in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. During the meeting, Ambassador John McDonald shared a book with these guests, “1000 Women for Peace.” The Swiss government sponsored publication of this book, which was also nominated for the Nobel Peace prize. It is interesting to note that there was an article about the founder and head of the union in the book, Valentina Cherevatenko.

In 2007, Dr. Noa Davenport, traveled to Rostov at the request of Ambassador McDonald to attend a regional conference for high school teachers. Dr. Zanolli taught a seminar in conflict resolution for the teachers, and also assisted the “Women of the Don” staff with the grant writing process for UNICEF Russia.