Why Multi-Track Diplomacy

Traditional diplomacy employs primarily “Track One” diplomacy, which seeks resolution through States and government agencies. “Track Two” diplomacy is an alternate route where conflicts are resolved through non-governmental actors. “Multi-Track” diplomacy is an expansion of the “Track One, Track Two” paradigm. Realizing that simply “Track Two” failed to illustrate the complexity of non-government based diplomacy... Read More

    The Louise Diamond Committee to Protect Next Generations

    To honor the memory of Dr. Louise Diamond, co-founder of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, this Committee has been established in Bristol, Vermont where she was a resident.  Its focus is the impacts of global warming on the State’s fragile ecosystem and how to encourage Vermonters to reduce energy use by investing in energy efficiency retrofits using aggressive State-funded incentives.

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    Top News can also be Good News

    I am tired of only reading about bad news and want to share some good news stories if reported are quickly overshadowed by bad news. I am an optimist, I am a doer, and I like news that give me hope, that make me smile, that show me that, yes, our world has many challenges, BUT there are a lot of positive things happening that could well contribute to some improvement around our globe.

    Here are a few news stories which, in my opinion, contain worthy positive aspect and which can lead to a more peaceful future for individuals or even for our globe.

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